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All names are given original Japanese first with English dub names in parentheses

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List built from here - http://www.yu-jyo.net/card/blank.php?ep=42
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Personal Information
Name: Dragon
Age: 40
Personal Journal: [personal profile] dragondancer5150
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: dragondancer5150@yahoo.com, Plurk - OldMaidDragon
Current Character(s): Drill Boy ( [personal profile] soccersoccersoccer )

Character Information
Character Name: Mutou Yugi and "Yami" (Yami no Yugi/"Dark Yugi")
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Source:  Mutou Yugi - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Yugi_Muto (and http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Yugi_Mutou_%28manga%29 )
Yami Yugi - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Yami_Yugi (and http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Yugi_%28manga%29 )

Character History:

Dragon STILL knows not the meaning of brief. And this history is SHORTER than the one I originally wrote. OTL

Note on Yami's "name": Technically, Yami doesn't have an identity of his own at this point in the canon. By the pull point, he's only just recently gained enough self-awareness to question if he's really an aspect of Yugi or someone altogether separate, and either way it's occurred to him that he doesn't know his own name or anything else about himself. The other characters call both Yugis "Yugi" in addressing them, and if they specifically mean Yami, he's "the other Yugi". Yugi calls him "Other-Me" (and Yami by now has taken to calling him Aibou, which means "buddy/pal/partner/best friend" in a very close sense). Once people in Wake start interacting with Yami completely separately from Yugi and the question of a name to call him comes up, he'll eventually adopt "Yami" which is Japanese for "Dark/Darkness".

Character Personality )

Powers and Abilities )

School clothes and backpack
Millennium Puzzle
Duel Deck – the exact contents of their current Deck can be found here.

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[personal profile] dragondancer5150[personal profile] soccersoccersoccer**Additional Note: Given that from the sound of it, most abilities originate from this "Shadow Realm," this dimension is not accessible in Nautilus. As these Shadows are sentient, but don't seem to be exclusively accessed by the character, they are not something that will transfer over with him. Therefore any abilities that rely heavily on these Shadows will be nullified.

For other abilities, if Yugi/Yami wishes to make use of such, they will be entirely by his own Bending skills, potentially watered down, and also have to adhere to the Bending vs. Bending rule.

If you have any questions regarding any powers in particular, feel free to run them by us.

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(I draw primarily on the manga for the boys’ backgrounds and the exact sequences of events, but I do also mix in some anime events and such, including the odd dub-only detail [the existence of the Shadow Realm, for example]. The differences between manga and anime are not great enough to consider them separate canons. Not for anything wholly outside of YGO-only fandom and fanfiction, anyway.)

Long post is LOOOOONNGGGG )
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((ooc: Ignore that it's Yami in the icon - that's just the outfit Yugi's wearing. *has always loved that outfit, thinks it's cool-looking*))

Yugi was so incredibly nervous.  He knew he shouldn't  be!  It wasn't like he was going anywhere he'd never been before, or with someone he didn't know.

The latter might almost have been easier, actually.

Dinner . . . at a nice restaurant . . . with Anzu.  Alone.

[Aibou, relax.  You'll be fine!]

Okay, as "alone" as Mutou Yugi ever truly got.  [I-I know, but...]

[No, no "buts".  Anzu's a good person and a close friend.  If for no other reasons than those, you two will have a great time.]

Yugi started to respond but jumped instead at his mother's voice calling from downstairs.  "Yugi!  Anzu's here!"

"I'll be right down!"

Without thinking about it, Yugi wrapped the belt with his Deck case around his hips, clicking the buckle closed, before pulling on his vest and heading downstairs.
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((I GET SHIT DONE EVENTUALLY, YEAH?  Anyway . . . cuz this is up several days later than I'd said, have a piccie first as a consolation prize  ^_^))

Anzu had been working for Mutou-Grandfather at the Kame for a few weeks now.  Sometimes, she and Yugi had worked together, many times not.  He couldn't afford to pay two employees, even part-time, overly much, so usually one of them was working with him while the other was off.  But when he could, he scheduled the two of them together.  It gave himself a nice break . . . and the two youngsters some much needed "together" time.

This afternoon, Anzu came over to the shop, expecting for both of them to be off-work because they had a project for school to work on . . . only to find the sole occupant of the shop to be Grandpa Mutou.


Down the way and around a corner on a busier street, Yugi put on a grin for everyone, but frankly?  He looked like a fool.  Or anyway, he felt like one.  The costume really had been meant for someone at least a foot taller.  And it itched - some of the seams weren't properly sewn.  They were more like . . . glued, which made the edges of the fabric stiff and scratchy and scraped or dug at his skin here and there.

He loved Dark Magician.  He really, really did!

But . . . not right now.
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Yugi was doing his best to keep up, but really Jonouchi and Honda had such long legs!  It didn't help that they were excited on top of that, making them practically jog toward their destination - a relatively new . . . well, they had it pegged for a fitness center of some kind.  None of the three really knew all that much about it.  Though a name like "The Well-Toned Thigh" certainly brought any number of mental images to mind, most of which made Yugi blush.

It didn't help anything either that, in the back of his mind, his other self Yami was equal parts curious himself and sure that their friends were diving into yet another ill-conceived bit of trouble.  Yami loved Jonouchi and Honda just as much as Yugi did . . . but they both also knew how . . . um . . . carnal? their friends could be.  They could turn anything - even a trip to a health center - into something, um, more interesting.

They rounded a corner on the street and their destination came into view.  Well, for better or worse, Yugi figured he was about to find out just what was in store...
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Yugi returned home early to the arcade, where he had been with Honda for most of the morning.  Jonouchi had been supposed to go with them, but his sister called last night, and he begged off to spend time with her - as a good brother should!  And speaking of brothers being called away by sisters, Honda's older sister Sachiko called while they were in the middle of Game Battler.  Her husband Rumida had hurt himself pretty badly working on something, and she needed to take him to the hospital and could Hiroto come watch Johji for her while they were gone?  Yugi never saw Honda grimace the same way he did when he was asked to babysit his precocious - and obnoxious - nephew, but of course he had agreed, apologizing PROFUSELY to Yugi.  It really needn't be said that Yugi had waved it off as an important family matter and that they'd just continue the game again another time.

So here he was returning home much earlier than he had planned, only just after lunch.  He had known his mother would be spending the day spring cleaning . . . but it still startled him to find her knelt in his bedroom leaning into his closet to dig through things stashed in a back corner.

"Um, M-mom . . . what are you doing?"  He couldn't remember half the stuff that was in there anymore, but if it was in that corner, it was likely because he didn't want anyone else knowing about it either................

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((continued from - dragondancer515.livejournal.com/65757.html ))

*The next night, at the park*

Anzu: Ah, this has been really nice Yuugi. How long has it been since we've been able to go out like this, just the two of us?

Yugi: *light blush, fiddling with something in his pocket* A-ah, t-too long....

(If Yuugi's 21, I'm going to assume that Anzu's been to America and is back for now.)

Anzu: It's funny, Central Park is much bigger and fancier, but somehow I think I prefer Domino City park...Hey look Yuugi! There's an ice cream vendor over there!

Yugi: Yup! Can I buy you an ice cream? =3

Anzu: Sure thing Yuugi. I just hope it won't be too slippery like the one back in Central Park; it took me forever to clean my blouse off!

(Let us see if Yuugi can refrain from imagining what that would look like.)

Yugi: o.o... *notgonnablushnotgonnablushNOTGONNABLU-cough! - snags her arm and pulls her over to the vendor* What flavor would you like, Anzu? =3!

Anzu: I was thinking something sweet...really sweet. *She runs her fingers through Yuugi's hair*. Like Strawberry, you know?

Yugi: *blushblushblushBLUSH...n-nodnod* Sweet . . . yup, that fits you, Anzu. =3 *to the vendor* One strawberry on a cone and a vanilla swirl on a cone, please. =D

Anzu: *is enjoying her ice cream* So tell me Yuugi, what do you plan on doing now that you're 21?

Yugi: *sees his opening!......and mentally/verbally STUMBLES* Ah....w-whatever...y-you're planning. I-I mean.....um.....no, wait....TT////TT

Anzu: Relax Yuugi, it's not like you've been planning for tonight for a long, LONG time, right? *She says this with a knowing wink.*

Yugi:  o.o!!!  H-how did y-….I-I mean, how do you know?  *small, nervous grin*

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((continuing from - cypsiman2.livejournal.com/13505.html  ))

*The next day*

Anzu: Hey Yuugi, the weirdest thing happened; when my parents friends brought their daughter, Hikarai, she was wearing a dress just like the one we were talking about. Weird, huh?

Yugi: R-really? Heh . . . imagine that..... 9,9;;;;

Anzu: So Yuugi, White Day is coming up pretty soon. Any ideas on who the lucky girl's going to be who's going to get chocolate from the Duel King?

Yugi: *BLUUUUUSH* Oh, I . . . I think I know . . . =3;;; *T~T wonders if she'll be disappointed to get something from /him/ instead of Yami...*
Yami: [Aibou . . . she loves /you/. You /do/ know that, right?]
Yugi: [...]

Anzu: Well, you look pretty nervous, but you really shouldn't be. I think 'she' will love whatever you bring her.

Yugi: *small grin*  Yup . . . I'm sure she will.  I hope so!  =3;;;                    

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For anyone who has this journal and might miss the post in triple_d_ooc . . . I'm...needing to drop out.  NOTHING against the comm!  I'm just not keeping up for a number of RL reasons.  Feel free to poke me at my RL journal - dragondancer515

Please unfriend this journal.  Thanks!
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Yugi tried not to pace.  He didn't know when Horus-sama would be arriving, but he knew he didn't want to be anxious when the ancient god finally arrived.  He just hoped Horus-sama would be able to make it.

And he hoped the god would like what he and Yami had put together for him.  After all, what did one give a GOD?

He hoped Horus-sama would be able - and willing - to stay for a while, too.  He and his other self really did enjoy his company after all.  He wondered if Horus-sama liked games.  Yugi, of course, had them aplenty!  Board games, card games, mechanical games, plus puzzles of all kinds.  And he had the new Wii that Frost-san had given him!  Oh!  And the Hounds and Jackals boardgame that Santa-san had given him, too!  Maybe Horus-sama would even know how to properly play it and could teach him and Yami.

He hoped Horus-sama remembered where he lived...

((LOL Anxious/excited!Yugi is anxious.  XD  Oh and . . . Frost-mun, I couldn't remember who gave them what between Frost and Santa, and the Wii or the Hounds and Jackals - both of which were received with joy and gratitude, btw!  ~<3  If you read this and I got it backwards, just let me know and I'll switch 'em.  XD))

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*Once again, Yugi doesn't have the hang of his webcam and is accidentally posting to his LJ page.  He'd started to do something on his computer, which started the recording, but as the camera hums to life - beginning with an extreme close-up of his bangs just like before - he sits back and looks over his shoulder*


((Yugi's recording by accident again...)) )((OOC: pic of the elves in jumpsuits - http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f343/setokaiba06/Santa%20Clause/THE_SANTA_CLAUSE-0-1.jpg ))
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LOL - got to thinking about it . . . besides Gaara, whom they've kinda lost touch with (I need to rectify that!), the boys' closest friends on the comm...are both gods!   LOL  Or deities of one sort or another, anyway.

And the boys have Christmas/holiday pressies for both of them.  XDD

Jack Frost - a Native-American-style dreamcatcher . . . about eight inches across, wrapped in sapphire and white leather, with frosted glittery silver thread (in place of the traditional catgut) webbing, with an assortment of "holiday" specialty buttons worked into the pattern in place of the traditional beads and feathers: a snowman, a christmas tree, a pair of mittens, and several snowflakes, and small acrylic icicles dangle from leather thongs at the bottom in place of feathers, as well as a tiny udjat and o-mamori. (The boys discovered a nifty American craft store called Michael's - can ya tell? XD)

Horus - a Native-American-style charm pouch . . . also inspired by a Michael's craft Yugi bought and modified.  It's large enough to hold a playing card and has: an Egyptian scarab protective amulet replica (for protection and courage), a red o-mamori or Japanese good luck charm (this one specifically for protection while traveling), a pair of mini maneki neko or Japanese lucky cats (for general good fortune), and a copy of the same purple Dark Magician Duel Monsters: TCG card that Yami and Yugi keep in their Deck . . . because something told Yami it was something he needed to do.  The outside of the bag is (a bit crudely ^,^;;;) painted with Japanese kanji and Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Why a charm pouch?  Because Horus can have it on him no matter which form he's in, human or hawk.  ^__^

Scarab:  http://www.hogglewick.co.uk/Catalogue/ProdView.aspx?prod=1950
O-mamori:  http://www.japannewbie.com/2008/04/26/omamori-japanese-good-luck-charms/
Maneki neko:  http://www.jbox.com/SEARCHES/lucky_cat/  (might have to scroll through the pages - as things are added or taken off, the mini maneki neko might be on page 1, 2, or 3 ^,^;;;)

Damn, I have no life. LOL
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(Yugi recently bought a small webcam to keep in touch with Jonouchi - and the Kaibas if he can get them to answer - in California, and Honda, Anzu, Bakura, and all his other friends back in Japan - and maybe even some of his DDD friends if it will work across LJ. [He's not sure if that will work or not, but hey, nice thought, right?]  He's finally gotten it hooked up and is messing with some of the new programs that came with it.   He's also been signed into DDD on LJ the whole time and . . . is now unaware that he's recording.  9,9;;;;)


(Magic and technology, such confounding things...) )

((In reference to this post -> http://wannabesanta.livejournal.com/75948.html      Frost-mun - yeah, I know the invite was supposed to be able to get in on its own, but...........^,^;;;;;;;))
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Wow, been a while since I've updated. A LONG while... TT~TT Why do I keep doing that to myself? Huh, anyway . . .

People have been talking at school about an upcoming holiday. We get next Thursday and Friday off for something called "Giving Thanks Day." Ano . . . no, that's not right. Thanksgiving Day. That was it. Apparently, it's a national holiday that goes back to before this country was properly a nation. The story's a pretty interesting one, too. Not going to recount it here. Anyway . . . the people who started it had very specific things they were thankful for, but today, the day is meant for realizing and giving recognition for anything that you're thankful for, especially family and friends, which I think is pretty awesome! Most of my friends and pretty much all of my family except immediate - my mom and grandpa - are back in Japan, but I still keep in close touch with them and I'm VERY thankful for them! Especially Jonouchi-kun, Honda-kun, Anzu, Kaiba-kun, Mokuba-kun, Otogi-kun, Mai-san, Shizuka, Rebecca-chan, Hopkins-Grandfather - and of course Mom and Grandpa . . . everyone who's helped me out with so much in my life, both the weird and earth-shattering, and the mundane and personal.  And more recently, there's that really neat place, DramaDramaDuck, and the friends I've made there, especially Horus-sama, Gaara-san, and Frost-san.  And if I've forgotten anyone - gomen nassai, minna-san!!

And of course, there's the one person above all others that I'm ever thankful for - Mou Hitori no Boku.

My little family will be having a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, our first - we've been invited to a neighbor and friend's house - and I know I, for one, will be taking the time to remember everything - and everyone - that I'm thankful for!
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((OOC: Backdated to sometime between the 5th and 7th of September - see http://community.livejournal.com/dramadramaduck/2102201.html ))

Damn . . . DAMN!  What do I do?  What do I do?!  Even assuming that is Horus, I can't just sit here and believe that all will be well.  I can't say I believed things were truly well before the virus!  If that is Horus and he's a victim of the Mental Regression, then he thinks he's a small child, doesn't remember anyone or anything, doesn't know where he is, and is as frightened as any lost five-year-old in a strange foreign country would be.  And if that's not Horus, Heru really is a lost five-year-old and the real Horus is MIA entirely.

There's nothing for it.  I have to try again.  I've been attempting to build a secondary Deck, one that reuses much of mine and Aibou's main Deck but incorporates a lot of Different Dimension cards.  I'm hoping to be able to use my Shadow magic and card summoning to worldhop, but I've not been successful so far.  But I have to try . . . I've been concerned for Horus for some time now.  Something's not right, I've just . . . not been able to put my finger on what.

And now this.

And . . . and I can understand him!  I-It . . . it never occured to me to ask him to speak in the language of the Ancient Egyptians, the language of . . . of my people.  I . . . I wonder what else I "know" that could be jogged by-

NO!  Nevermind that now.  Self aside.  Friend now.

Tonight.  Once everyone's gone to sleep, I'll try again.  I know that Horus is in Israel.  Or was, last I knew, and that was only a few days ago.  The only problem is, I don't know where.  I . . . don't even know what Earth

"Dammit, Jim, I'm a Duelist, not a quantum physicist!"  

............ Kuso!  Grandpa has recently rediscovered an old American sci-fi show he calls "Classic Star Trek."  I just heard one of the characters run through the back of my mind, I think.  TT~TT  Anyway . . . tonight.

((EDIT: dated Sept 15th))

............................ has . . . it been so long?  A week.  More than. 

Damn!  Family is important, don't get me wrong.  We . . . we needed to fly home for Michiko's sister's funeral, and it being so sudden and all, but . . .

Aibou was in such shock that, of course, he couldn't think of anything else - not school, not anything on the computer . . . I hadn't told him yet about Horus/Heru - didn't want to worry him until I knew for sure - and certaintly didn't want to add to his distress after that, so . . .

Now that we're back, I'm anxious to try to get in touch with him again.  The part of Michiko's family we stayed with didn't have a working computer - they needed a new harddrive - so there was no accessing the internet while we were gone.  I'll go find him now.  Or . . . well, his journal anyway - still haven't made a successful worldhop or even anything close with my Deck >,<

The question is . . . will I find Horus?
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*Yugi stands in the middle of a baseball field at dusk, Yami manifested by his side.  It had been Yami's idea, to meet their new friend at that time of evening, not knowing what his arrival would look like and figuring that the almost-twilight might be a good balace to mask any energies or other disturbances of the passage.  Not that they're expecting anyone to witness it anyway, but one can never tell.*

Yugi: *is nervous in spite of himself*

Yami: *usual arms-crossed pose - half the time a sign of at least slight discomfort himself . . . glances at his partner*  [Aibou . . . ]

Yugi: He'll be here.  I'm sure of it.

Yami: *small, wry grin*  [That's not what has you concerned . . . You wonder what he'll think of /me/.  Knowing the truth about me.]

Yugi: 6,6;;;;;;  I think . . . I think neither of us have ever quite told him . . . Nor told /anyone/ on the community for that matter.  Um, except for that mediator I was just talking to recently.

Yami: [I wouldn't worry about it, Aibou.  He'll think what he will.  We've not lied to anyone, nor deliberately deceived.  Just that I am not living.  Unless he's afraid of ghosts . . . ]  *shrugs - then turns over his shoulder, looking off to the side*

Yugi: Other-Me?

Yami: [I sense something.  I think he may have just arrived . . . ]

Ick . . .

Aug. 11th, 2008 10:00 pm
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Urgh.  Got back from Comic-Con . . . we had a great time!! . . . but came back sick.  Finally starting to shake that, hopefully.  And we might finally get to meet Gaara-san in person here in the next week or two, so that will be pretty awesome.  XD

Super special awesome!  *facepalm*  And I have got to stop watching that Saturday Night Live parody series whatever-it-is that Jonouchi-kun introduced us to!!

Yup!  Finally hooked up with Jonouchi-kun again.  "a_risky_gamble" on LiveJournal.  I'm really worried about him, though.  He's starting to develop some strange fire power.  Pyrokinesis, Other-Me calls it.  Or he says it might be pyromancy.  Either way, it's fire energy.  And it's based on emotion.  Jonouchi burned up his Red-Eyes!!!  I called Mokuba-kun earlier, and we talked for . . . quite a long time, actually.  Other-Me talked to him for a while, too.  Jonouchi-kun was right.  Kaiba-kun's developing some strange cold powers.  Anyway, Mokuba is going to see about freeing up a jet for us to get together with Jonouchi-kun.  He . . . might even manage to get Kaiba-kun to agree to meet with us, though he said not to hold our breaths.  Heh.  *sweatdrop*

Anyway, I really  hope we can figure out what's going on so we can help Jou-kun before he hurts himself or someone else.  I'm afraid for him!

*sigh*  On a far more mundane note, though . . . school starts tomorrow . . . so I should try to go to bed.  Ugh.  So not looking forward to that.  Oh, well . . . I'm sure American schools aren't nearly as bad as I've always heard of them being.  Guess I'll finally find out, right?
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To say the least.


Where to begin?  Recently, I was on Aibou’s computer, on his LiveJournal account, and I . . . entered? . . . “posted” . . . an entry.  Only I accidentally posted it on the . . . community . . . I had visited right before I started writing.  And that community is actually a mystical, virtual portal of some kind . . . between whole worlds and realities.  Aibou told me all about a comic called “Naruto,” which supposedly is where he thinks he knows of Gaara from, and I realized where I’d seen Nakamura’s face while Grandpa was watching TV last night, including an American show called “Heroes.”


My apologies, Gaara and Nakamura, if you happen to read this!  And Frost . . .


Wow . . . gods, it makes me wonder if, in some reality, mine and Aibou’s life experiences are somehow being displayed for the amusement of others.  I shudder to think about, to be perfectly honest.


Though . . . it does beg the question: if there is some reality where we are the fictional ones, is it possible that my memories, my true name, are known out there somewhere?


*shakes head*  No point in wishful thinking.  I have the God Cards, the instructions from Malik, and . . . well, half of the Millennium Items - though I don’t think I need all of them to recover my memories - and the Tablet of Memory is on tour.  Sooner or later, it will come close enough that Aibou and I can go see it.  And in the meantime, I’m content.  As long as I don’t have my memories, I can stay with Aibou, and that is enough for me.  And I can make new friends, like Gaara and Frost.


And Horus.


Gods, I wish I could remember at least some of my past!  Even if not of myself directly, then at least of the world I’d grown up in!  People, places . . . gods . . . *shakes head again*  What is, is.  Accept it and move on.


And something else about what “is” . . . seems the Ring-spirit is around somewhere on this community as well.  *growls*  I thought he was destroyed along with Malik’s dark side!  But apparently he’s come back.  Again.  Must have returned along with Bakura’s spirit.  I wonder if Bakura is aware.  Hn.  Perhaps I’ll see about contacting him myself, see if he’s still got it in for me.  “Know thine enemies” and all that.  At worst, it will help me and Aibou be a little more prepared.  I’m sure he’s still out to gather all the Millennium Items.  I’m not overly worried about him getting a hold of the Key or Scales – Shadi’s powerful and slippery, to say the least.  The Rod and Necklace are locked up in the safe deposit box with the God Cards, although I realize even that may not stop that thief.  I wish I knew where the Eye was – I doubt Pegasus still has it.  And of course, he’ll have to come to me directly for my Puzzle.


Well . . . guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds, just as I’ve been doing for the past three years.  Heh, Kaiba’d be happy to hear me say that, I think.  *rolls eyes*


Nnnn, Grandpa said he'd need the computer when he came home from the shop for lunch - sounds like he's home early.  I guess I’d better go.  Heh, let’s see if I post this in the right place this time.  *sweatdrop*




OOC:  Tag Horus, Bakura, and whoever else wants to comment. LOL  Sorry I’ve not posted this sooner, Horus-mun!  Fibro-fog’s been making me brainless and sapping my energy like WHAT.  

Fibromyalgia: Don't try this at home.  >,>                       
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